Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Welcome September...It'sNearlyFall Ya'll

It's 'Something To Crow About', that's a BigFerSure!
A Simple Texas Welcome!! doesn't seem to be enough to say to September.
How about in Spanish...BienVenidos!! or
SKW's newly acquired French...Bienvenue!! (sure is alot like Spanish, huh?)
Whatever!! Just soooo glad the 'DogDays of this Summer' are drawing to an end.

September Flower

September Birthstone

September is the 9th month of the year on the Georgian Calendar, and one of 4 months that have 30 days.
September has many Events of Importance...Wikipedia lists them all.

SuKnitWitty's September Events of Importance

9 - 9 - 09
DueDate for
Grandson Jackson

9 - 16 - 09
Birthday for Sister

"Happily, we bask in this warm September sun,
Which illuminates all creatures..."
Henry David Thoreau


  1. does your sister know she looks like crystal gayle? lol

  2. yea Sep!! hopefully the cooler weather is a comin'

  3. She thinks she looks like ME! She'll like lookin like Crystal, too!

  4. Sister DOES look like YOU. Pretty!
    I love the Thoreau quote. I love September and I must get outside to soak it up. The classroom air is stuffy! Your welcome tableau is so cute! xopp

  5. Yes, she does look like you and you look like your mom---great genetics for sure. And, the nice thing is, just as beautiful inside as the outside....

  6. Thank-you Pom! 'Tableau'! I see you speak French, too! I like that word better than Banner!

  7. Thank-you SIL..That's a BigDitto for You-YourSis-YourMom. Three special women in my life.

  8. For all of you that keep up with "SuKnitWitty" aka "Texas Collectin Gal", I want to share with you what I know about this "beautiful lady". She is creative beyond words...does it all, needle work, quilting, painting, pottery, jewelry, sewing, great cook, decorating, and now has become most recently a writer and comedian. For those who have known her, or have recently discovered Sue, stay tuned...I am sure there is much MORE to come. Most important for you to know about her is that she has a big heart! She is kind, generous, thoughtful, considerate and just really a wonderful person that we are blessed to have in out lives.

    Sue has always been there for me, from the day I was born all the way to the here and now. She made beautiful dresses for me to wear to school, as a little girl..even a wardrobe for my "Barbie" doll. Over the years has gifted me with beautiful hand made works of art, which I always treasure, and look forward to.

    Sue is also a "lucky lady" with a a husband who loves her, supports all of her ideas, and is is also very thoughtful and generous with many talents. Together, they are great parents, grandparents, and true friends to those fortunate to know them.

    Yes, SandraSue and ConnieMarie look-a-like, and have alot of fun with it. Is true we have a sweet and beautiful Mother also, who we recently concluded Sue's temperment is most like. As for me..I'm more of our Dad..

    Sue, i love you with all my heart and thank you for being my confidant and "best friend.

    hugs "lil sis"

  9. SandraSue..akaSWK...weeping and speakless!


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