Monday, September 7, 2009

LaborDay..Or..LaborMoreOrLess Day?

Sometimes I get confused about Labor Day!
Is it a LaborLess Day or LaborMoreOrLess Day?
I know it's a day off from 'JobLabor', but what about 'HouseLabor' and

Oh, Yes, Mam'm! There is Quite-ALOT of StuffLabor going on...on LaborMoreOrLess Day!

It all Started the DayBeforeLaborDay with 'GetItOuttaHere' or at least 'GetItOrganized'!

So, OneBasketFull of Fabric Squares and LeftoverCrochet led to this....

Bagged and Tagged and ready to 'GetGone' to SKW's Antique Booth and into SOPS...SomeOtherPersonsStuff.

Of Course this 'LittleBit of Labor' is not all of it! There's more to come, but first here's what I learned about Labor Day...forgot what I learned in school.

The History of Labor Day...Started in Canada in the 1880's according to Wikepedia.

In the US in 1898, Labor Leader Samuel Gompers, gave new meaning to LaborDay when he urged "toilers" to lay down their tools and march shoulder to shoulder and "feel stronger for it."

2009 Labor Day truly is a LaborLess Day for many Americans out of a job. Learn more from 'For Too Many, Labor Day is No Cause To Celebrate'.

Back to SKW's LaborMoreOrLess Day...Outta the Mess came these three Crib/Toddler Quilt Kits.

Yes, KITS...not sewn together, but pre-cut and ready for SOP (SomeOtherPerson) to piece then quilt. You can see these Kits on SuKnitNQuilt my ETSY Shop. Until they sell...then your chance is gone, as they are one of a kind Kits.

While you're there, browse around SuKnitNQuilt for 1930's Reproduction's on SALE.
Also, you might be interested in some of the Vintage Crochet, Jewelry and Sewing Stuff.

More LaborDayLabor...Basket of Scrap Yardage and Stacks of Baskets of This N That N Whatever!

Good Grief CharlieBrown!

You are such an Accumlator! Sure should not call this a Collection...Then it would be WayTooHard to PartWith!
It's really kind of embarssing!

LaborInWaiting...for the rest of September my Labors will be All About OtherPeoples Quilts...Getting Them Quilted...That is!

Oh! One More...September 9, 2009...LaborDay for DaughterInLaw.


  1. I can't wait to see the baby. You will post some photos? Is that allowed?
    So, everyone is coming over for "granny cooks and does the dishes" day so - so much for my bunting. Oh well. No one understands my junk either. You are making progress.

  2. Ditto on the 'Granny Cooks and Does the Dishes Day'...Meatloaf Supper for All. Yes, photo's allowed...I'll have a few to share!

  3. Judith sez....let's quilt


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