Friday, September 4, 2009

Knit&Crochet In 1934...Dear Sarah,

The Latest in Handmade SportsWear...and I do mean 'Latest', as in as late as 1934.

Sept. 4, 2009
Dear Mrs. W.R. Harris,
You don't know me, but we have a common interest that Knits and Crochets us together. You see, I found your 1934 copy of Handmade Sports Wear at Red Rooster Antiques in New Braunfels, Texas. I know it belonged to you as you wrote your name and address on the top left corner of the cover...1635 Pasadena St. P6567, City. I'm curious about P6567 and what City, but I'll let that be a mystery for now.

In 1934 you paid 10 cents for this Booklet published by 'The Spool Cotton Co.', and 75 years later I paid $2.00 for the same Booklet in well used and a bit tattered condition. You really used and made many of the items in this booklet, didn't you? Which one's were your favorites? Did you play golf and make the golfing gloves?

I play golf, and I thought you would like to know that 'LadyGolfers in 2009' still wear gloves for golfing...with a few differences since 1934. We now usually only wear One glove on the hand that grips the club, it is made of a soft leather, and is worn to protect ones hand from blisters and calluses. You see, Golf for Ladies, has come a long way in 75 years. However, I may still make the 'GolfGloves' on page 10, and wear them on my way to the golf course.

In looking over the pattern and thread requirements, I noticed you crocheted yours with J&P Coats Crochet Cord using a size 5 Milward Steel Hook. Well, believe it or not, J&P Coats are still in business today as one of the largest suppliers of the NeedleWorks and Crafts industry. You would be amazed at their website and the stores they supply with Clark's ONT Knitting & Crochet Threads, Yarns, Pattern Books, Sewing Threads and more.

And the colors we have now, both in Threads and Yarns, is 'MindBlogging'...(that's a phrase used in the BlogWorld)...never mind, it's kinda confusing even in 2009. Anyway, I noticed that none of the patterns in this booklet called for Yarn...even the sweaters are made with Thread. I found out why on J&P's Websites History.

Prior to 1935, Coat's and Clark sold a wide range of Cotton threads and handicraft products, but no wool yarns. An agreement was reached with Paton and Baldwins, a British manufacturer of knitting yarns, to make yarn in the United States to be marketed through the Spool Cotton Company.

So, Mrs. Harris...mind if I call you Sarah...I'm pretty sure the W.R. is your husbands initials...since in 1934 most women were addressed that way.

So, Sarah, I bet you were a thrilled knitter with the coming of Yarn. You see, I have 2 more of your Booklets from the 1940's. I'll tell you about them in our next letter writing post on SuKnitWitty.

Oh! perhaps I should bring you up to date on Letter Writing, Email, InterNet, US PostOffice and the price of stamps. On second thought, receiving this letter from the 21st century will probably be enough of a shock, and I think you and I will do fine with the Old Fashion Way of letter writing...I do miss the letters from my Grandmother Minnie.

PS...Sarah, I know my SKW readers are going to enjoy your Booklets, too. I'm sure they will let you know through their comments.
PPS...Dear SKW Readers, see more of Sarah's Booklets and ABit of SKW's CrochetCollection on CollectInTexas Gal.


  1. I knew you were creating something this morning. Nice letter to Sarah, "bless her heart", I wonder where she is today! I hope she some how knows about her inspiration. My how things have changed since then. Think about it...we were not even born yet!
    Hugs "LilSis"

  2. I wonder where she is today, too. I'm hoping for a reply from her with a 1947 Stamp.

  3. You are so creative and original, SKW!
    There are so many "things" floating around out there that once meant something to somebody. Is that why you like to collect? You have such a magical imagination. And how do you have time to golf? Is there anything you DON'T do, Wonder Woman?

  4. You are so right PomPom about OtherPeoples OldStuff.There is lots out there and the stories that stuff could tell...if only. I use to golf alot..not too much now.

  5. Hi Sue!
    Great idea about letting the kids do some interpretive drawing along with reading R and J. How would I do that? We watch the newer film in small clips because it has some "not appropriate" stuff in it, too. The old R and J has some semi-naked scenes, so it's entirety can't be viewed either. They don't get excited about Masterpiece Theater because of the dumb costumes. So anyway, what do you think? I tell them to bring their colored pencils every day because I am a teacher who gives extra credit for doodles! xopp

  6. Love the gold you found and I am sure Sarah made many great things from it.


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