Monday, July 6, 2009


Block #1 State of Texas
Texas is a State of Mind. Texas is an Obsession. Above all Texas is a Nation in every sense of the word. John Steinbeck

Texas IS an Obsession…Just ask any Texan!
Everything IS BiggerNBetter in Texas. Just ask any Texan!

Texas has it’s own language.
Just ask any Texan!

They’ll tell you Texans don’t have accents. You simply gotta understand TexasTalk.

For instance, in Texas all sentences should end in a preposition, and tho English is the primary language used in Texas, for some reason, you have to learn Spanish in order to understand it.
If you follow the ‘Word Links’ I’m droppin like CowPatties on a CattleDrive, you’ll browse around the BiggerNTexas WWWeb (one of the few things Bigger) and learn lots of
So Ya’ll GitOnTher...Later.
Right now, I’ll share some SuKnitWitTexas Stuff. So sit back in your Saddle, TipBack your StrawHat , KoozieUp your FAV LongNeck and....YeeHaw were off. Starting with A Few Texas Quilt Blocks that have been a WIP for…a mighty long time.

Block # 2....TEXAS in Stitches

Block #3...State Flower..Bluebonnet

Block #4 Unofficial State Flower...YellowRose

Block #5 State Bird...Mocking Bird

State Song - Texas Our Texas

UnOfficial State Song - The Yellow Rose of Texas

Block #6...State Mammal...The Armadillo

Block #7...The Lone Star & 4 Texas Friendship Stars

Texas State GemStone...Blue Topaz

Texas State Seal

Texas State Tree...Pecan

Texas State Insect...Monarch Butterfly


Born in Iowa...Raised in Texas

Proud ToBe A Texan!

Here's Some HiTekieTexas PCLingo....So You CanBe UpToDate, too! (From TexasJokes)

HardDrive – Trying to climb a steep hill with 3 flat tires pulling a load of _____fertilizer.
Keyboard – Place to hang your truck keys.
Window – Place to hang your gun.
Modem – How to get rid of your dandelions.
ROM – Delicious when you mix it with coca-cola.
Byte – First word in a kiss-off phrase.
Reboot – What you do when the first pair gets covered in barnyard stuff.
Network – Activity meant to provide bait for your troutline.

"Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies GrowUp ToBe ComputerCowboys"!

For More TexasTalk & Directions To BuffaloGap,Texas Click Here

or on

HappyTrailsInTexas OnThe SideBoard


  1. I don't think we have a state insect in Colorado!
    Thank you for all the Texas info SKW! I love my Texas blog friends: You and Gigi! Have a great BIG ol' day!

  2. Gorgeous quilt blocks -- think the birds are my favs!
    Funny Texas 'stuff' too! A whole other world here, ain't it?

  3. Great Texas stuff! I gotta learn it since I'm a transplant. lol

  4. Your pictures with your buddies = VERY FUN!


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