Friday, July 10, 2009


Is there such a Thing as QueasyKnitterSyndrome?
I was just getting over SSS (SecondSockSyndrome) when struck with this new KnittersDisease.
I don't know what else to call it!
There I was with SusanB-Knits in the BackSeat learning to knit from a CHART/GRAPH...
Yes, I know it's another exciting NewKnittingThingy...
When suddenly we HAD to PULLOVER!
That was the end of Chart/Graph Knitting,
work on Part II of KAL, and riding in the backseat. And I had such plans to finish Part II before Part III arrived.

So, it took exactly ONE week to recover from QKS....I tell myself that's the reason because that's how long it was before I got back to KAL Part II. When in reality I recovered that very same afternoon in time to eat Mexican Food. Priority' know!
Part III message is Flashing on Ravelry!!!....Wait!!!
Okay...Now I'm Ready.... for on this day of 104 degree the month of the State of Texas, her KnittingNest...Has Completed the NotSoHard ChartChallenge, and the SecondRound of TuffTuckStitch and...Yes!.....Now...Bring on Part soon as SusanB gets it figured out!

Lamkins has just about had it with this BeingBehind.
Especially now that She..ep knows that Part IV Message has been Flashing on Ravelry since Wednesday.
So, here she is ShowingOff our Part II and pushing me to get on with Part III.
She was not very sympathetic to my attach of QKS....
as I left her in TheNest to study up on Part III, when she really wanted to make the day trip to Buffalo Gap.
Oh I 'splained' to Lambkins...'Sheep Happens'.


  1. Yeah, I cannot knit in the car. I can hardly knit while watching a movie. I have to sit and concentrate - that's why I am so slow! I'm sorry that it is SO hot in Texas. I hope you are finding a way to keep cool!

  2. Ok, got it! I'm ready for you to do part III. Are you ready?!
    (we'll have to knit with both fans blowing on us since it is 105 here)

  3. Well whatever that is you're knitting is sure looking cute and kind of fair isle-ish?


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