Sunday, July 5, 2009


MAPS on the WWWeb? You know It! Especially if you Spell it Backwards…
S P A M!
Betcha thought this Post was going to be a TravelLog for SeeAmericaInJuly.

Nope…it’s too HOT. Not about SPAM either….just thought I’d show off my ReverseSpellnSkills!

It’s really about Kate, Elvis, Conway&Loretta, Francis, The Mickey Mouse Singers and others on the Playlist of Patriotic Songs. Just want to hear them Sing awhile longer.

So, for the Month of July SuKnitWitty will feature MadeInAmericaMusic , AmericaMap and July….which BTW…was not named for an American….but, in honor of Julius Caesar by The Roman Senate in 46 B.C.

Reading Maps…To put it Nicely…I’m Directionally Challenged! To put it in words of the Driver to the SuNavigator w/theMap…”You don’t know Snap from ShineOla”! Okay, my theory is Always TurnRight….that way UCan NEVER go Wrong…and, I’m always Right except when I get Right and Left confused. I’m getting the Driver a ‘TomTomThingy’ for Christmas…or sooner.

Enough about Maps….Okay...One more…I found this PuzzleMap at the AntiqueBarn. I think I can use this one to find my way around the USA well enough for a FewFeaturePost on States. Starting with…TEXAS…of course. Be sure to Navigate your way back to SuKnitWitty for some LoneStarStuff. If you get lost…try your PCTomTom…GOOGLE.

Now, JULY…named for Julius Ceasar...I’ll not elaborate…Everybody knows Et Tu Brute and all that RomanRumble.

JulyFlower The Larkspur

July BirthStone The Ruby

SuKnitWitty's Ruby

More Precious Than Any GemStone!


  1. Oh! Your Ruby is cute!
    I watched Mrs. Miniver today - all that bombing. I'm praying for peace.

  2. Being directionally challenged is the reason you're so creative -- really!

    G ;)


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