Friday, July 17, 2009


Windfall – Websters (1961 and Online…somethings never change)
l.something (as a tree or fruit) blown down by the wind. unexpected or sudden gain or advantage.

YarnFall – A SuKnitWitty NewWord…
same as Websters without the fruit.

Here’s the WindYarnFall Yarn...
Once Upon A Time, two KnitFriends went to Lunch, went to Walmart, and went to third KnitFriend’s House to Knit.
Now, it was Mid-July…103 degrees...What do they have for Lunch? Enchiladas! Mucho Caliente!
It was so hot ….the Road was Melted…WalMart had Security Guards monoriting the FrozenFoods, Produce and MeatMarket.
"Keep Moving…Shut the Door…Ma’am, It’s WalMart’s Policy….Frozen Turkey’s Only Section."
Forget getting down the IceCream Isle.
Outta WalMart…Back in the Car…TempThingy sez 111.

Third KnitFriends House ….Cool!!!
Now, here’s the WindYarnFall.
‘I’m Clearing Out My STASH’!!! Take What You Want!!!
TheTwoKnitters….not wanting to look like MissYarnPiggys….Took Only This Much….

Curious about ‘YarnFall’ being a SuKnitWitty original (it’s not in 1961 Websters), I Googled it.
Yarn Fall….Every Knitter Needs One?
MissionFallsYarn….Every Knitters WonderWorld of Yarn.

Knitting in 103 degree Heat…Warped…Knitting YarnFall…Unexpected…KnittersYarn Fall...VeryUnexpected...Knitting with Friends…Priceless.


  1. Oh Suknitwitty, You always put a positive spin on things! You have a heart of gold, giving away your pretty stash!

  2. Thank-you PomPom...I was One of the Two...Heart of Gold GoesTo TheThird. However, I earned a HeartOfGold When I cleaned out my FabricStash! I'm NotThereYet with Wool!

  3. Insider's note to those just now getting to know this gal--you will find SuKnitWitty to be not only incredibly talented (this gal can do "ANYTHING" she sets her mind to--and the only person I've ever known that can literally make a silk purse out of a sow's ear((now you tell me who else can see art in a rusted bundle of wire hangers?))-- but, also does indeed have a heart of gold. I was one on the "receiving end" of her fabric stash clean out.
    No, this is not a "paid advertisement"--just one blessed to proudly call her "SIL".

  4. Nice "windfall" : )
    I'll be over next week!

  5. Ooooo, looks fun! Well, maybe except for Walmart part ;-).


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