Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Blogger IdentityRevealed...Partly

Will the Real SuKnitWitty Please Show Your Face.

Here It Is! The Face Behind the SmartMouthed, BadGrammar, MisSpellin, HiTekie, KnittingJunkie, YarnAholic, '65er KnitWit.

Revealed now, only because of my ‘65er ClassMates. Something about…If the WholeWorldWeb can view Their 1965 SeniorPictures and Their 2009 SeniorPictures…and a Forty-Five YearOld Prophecy…..then….Well, Okay they have a point.

SuKnitWitty, aka Sue________ is in the local hospital. She stumbled and fell with the Olympic torch while trying to light her cigarette.
1965 Lobo Yearbook Prophecy

First of all….I was Visiting a TeamMate in the hospital being treated for Smoke Inhalation.
Secondly...She Tripped Me…I went down…Sparks flew…Her BigBlonde AquaNetHairDo….Well, you can imagine the rest.
And Thirdly….She was trying to light Her cigarette off the BorrowedBicTorch.

So, there you have it....except my RealName or TeamMates Name.
Some things about TheBlogger should remain a mystery to the WWWeb….and MyMom.
She didn’t know RitaKay smoked.
And I’m thinking…..the 1965 Seniors are beginning to have a few 2009 SeniorMoments!

PS...If Anyone knows the Identity of the ProphecyWriters....Just Drop Their RealNames in the Comment Box....Anonymously will be fine.


  1. How nice to see you SuKnitWitty! YOU are beautiful! I remember my prophecy from senior year (1976) had something to do with being president of the USA - ha ha. I WAS senior class president, but a pretty lame one. Should I have sensed the sarcasm?

  2. Oops --- don't think my last comment worked. Just wanted to tell you how purty you look -- always!


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