Monday, July 13, 2009


SuKnitWitty..."Just Covering All My Bases".

Su'Punkinj1063'...."Covering The '65ers EmailList."

Hey '65ers! ... 'You Got Mail'... This Mail......
The 45th Reunion will be here sooner than you know. Are You Ready? The Reunion Committees have PutTogether some Fabulous45thFun for Everyone!
A NewFunFeature is making it's debut! It's called '65 Senior Prophecy--How True?
We'll be spotlighting some of our talented and accomplished classmates and former classmates.
Beverly Rowin Hartman and Wayne McPeak are the first two SeniorProphecy Features.
Gary Wingo and Jim Freeman are the first two Classmates OnThe WorldWideWeb.
It gives you a chance to see who they were then and who they are now.
Give it try and let us know how you like it.
We Welcome your suggestions for Names of Classmates to Feature on SeniorProphecy, and those who have a DotCom, Blog or Other WorldWideWebsite or Link.
Let us know about YOU or a '65er that has a Special Beverly, Gary and Wayne...Who's ClaimToFame is Sue and TwoNapDogs.
Please e-mail Sue or Sue with your suggestions.
In the meantime, enjoy '65 Senior Prophecy--How True?
Sue & Sue
If You are a '65 EmailLister....Welcome! Glad Your Here!
Start Your Tour at the SideBoard to your Right. Follow the Trail with your Mouse or Pointer. Click on Purple LetterLinks to browse around (HiTekieTip....Right Click on PurpleLLink, ScrollUP to 'OpenInA NewTab'...Click...GoToTab...Click...Keeps HomePage Open for UnInterrupted Music) you can get back Here via 'BackspaceKey' or Pointer on 'FeatherOnMyFace'. HappyTrails!
If You are a SuKnitWitty Follower....Welcome To You Too! Glad Your Here!
I bet you thought 'KnitOne...ProphecyToo!' was going to be a KnittingBag for a CrystalBall! I'm working on it!!! Anyway, I hope you'll stay awhile and browse with the '65ers. We had some talented 'SeniorsBackThen' and they Still are.....Talented and Seniors. HappyTrails!
PS...Sue, Is that necklace yours, mine, Beverly's, Ceclia's or.......???
PPS...If you are here to claim the necklace....I don't have it....check with Sue, Beverly, Anne or??

1 comment:

  1. Hi Sue!
    Looks like you have a lot of fun and celebration planned! Looking at your stuff, you really are an artist! I'm so thankful that you continue to inspire me!


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