Thursday, July 23, 2009

TheRain In Spain...I Mean..SanAngelo

Good Morning! It Has Rained in Texas!
Rain by Evelyn McDonald
Rain batters on my window pane
collects in puddles deep
and like the ticking of a clock
it lulls me back to sleep

The heavy constant rhythm
is like music to my ear
the drumbeat repetition
of the rain is all I hear

Silence for a moment means
the wind has changed its course
rain soon comes a-knocking
on the glass with gale-like force

The rain is strangely soothing
as it cascades through the night
washing the sins of daytime
as darkness turns to light

I wake to early morning
refreshed by summer rain
the ground is soft and silent
till it starts to rain again

So as it was the night before
it pours from Heavens high
I trace the rivulets of the rain
that fall to earth from sky

Content to marvel on the scene
Allow me to exclaim
the world would have no rainbows
if it were not for the rain.


  1. Love the poem! and the frogs are cute too!

  2. I love the poem! I'm so glad it rained in Texas! I bet you wanted to go out and dance in it. Thank you for a sweet post. You're the BEST!

  3. Oh! I love your new header! You are so hip and cool! Your blog really reaches out and calls to your readers. It's like an invitation - refreshing!


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