Thursday, December 31, 2009

I BeLeaf In PomPom & HappyB-Day Honey!

Dearest PomPom...Ditto...Right Back AtCha to all the Kudos you wrote in this 'Special New Years Card'.
I love all the 'Thoughtful' goodies, especially the 'Leaf'. I bet you picked it up on one of your 'CameraWalks', and knew it would be a 'Treasure' to SKW. Actually, YOU are the 'Treasure', and I Treasure our Friendship.

So, here we are...PomPom and SKW...that's me on the right...cause I love her Hat...having coffee and conversation for hours! We WILL do this '4Real'...until then...I take my French Vanilla creamer and Hot Chocolate with a Little Coffee! How do you like yours?

It's Your Birthday! It's Your Birthday!
Happy Birthday Honey!


  1. Sweet post Sue. Pom is a treasure isn't she, but so are you!
    Blessings to you & Happy New Year!
    P. S. Sounds like we have the very same taste in coffee ;-).

  2. You are so great! Thank you for your encouragement and attention! LOVE the picture of "us" having coffee! CUTE! WHAT a great birthday for the cute husband of SKW! One of my former students has the same birthday and you reminded me to facebook a message to her today! Again, Sue . . . you are such a happy, enthusiastic person. You've given me such useful wisdom. I feel VERY rich! Happy New Year and have fun tonight!


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