Wednesday, December 16, 2009

They Ain't Exactly Socks...But CloseEnough for Christmas!

'And the Stockings were hung by the Chimney with Care'
By SKW who had made so many her hands were all Cramped
And her Shoulder was beyond Repair!

As I mentioned in 'Christmas Tree You Skinny Christmas Tree' Post,
many of my Christmas Decorations are Crocheted and HandDone Honey.

The Great Christmas Crochet Book from the American School of Needlework, was the source for the stocking pattern and many other Christmas decorations I've crocheted since 1981.

Yep, I've Crocheted, Quilted, Embroidered, Knitted and Recycled my way to HandMade Stocking Heaven!
Mr. SKW was the recipent of the 'Recycled Stocking' one year when his 'HoleyFAVJeans' didn't make it back to his closet for one more wearing!
They were 'WornOut'!

The Crocheted with Yarn Stockings were titled "Giant Stocking" of course that was an attention grabber for SKW, who even back then 'OverDoed'.

Besides, the bigger the Stocking....

'It's all about Stocking Stuffers'...right?

Never did get to the CuteClown!
You'd think that after making a Zillion Stockings I wouldn't need the pattern anymore, but everytime I grabbed the Christmas Colored Yarn and a size J Hook, 'The Book' automatically flipped open to......
You got it....'The Stocking Pattern'.

PS...Dear Santa...Feel free to sit by the fire and warm your Tootsies before Stuffing the Stockings. You can wear any of them you like, and while you are resting you can knit on 'The Socks'. I'll leave them out there in the nest....a couple of rows would be appreciated! BTW, they are purple...not red and green!


  1. Wow! Does your shoulder really hurt? Sad!

  2. Yep, due to NerveKink and Learning WrongWay To hold Yarn! This 'Oldog' can't seem to change, so just don't crochet Zillions of anything at a time anymore! I use it as an excuse for not finishing Knitting Stuff, too!

  3. Ouch! I thought I was the only one who had knitting injuries. Two more days of school for me and then I have to organize my creative messes! Happy Christmas to you, Sue. Waiting for the Bubba pictures! (Big LOVE!)

  4. My daughters love all of my old crochet/knitting books! They do have some great stuff don't they.


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