Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Eight Sheep and Counting...Months of SKW Bloggin!

It seems 'Just Like Yesterday' that SuKnitWitty became a Knitter!

It seems 'Just Like Yesterday' that SuKnitWitty became a Blogger!

It seems 'Just Like Yesterday' that SuKnitWitty became a KnitWit!

Okay...Two Outta Three ain't bad!
Question is, 'Which Two'?

Really, It's been Eight Sheeps of
Wonder What Wooly Words Will A Windy Wool Winder Speak!

Here's a QuickReview by the "Sheep of the Month" of SuKnitWitty's Knitting Posts!

MAY....Morning Ritual...Sip and Knit

JUNE...Sock It Too Me...Times Six

JULY...Mystery Bag Illness

AUGUST...Princess of QuiteALot...It's All Relative

SEPTEMBER...Fall and Basketball...Thankful For

OCTOBER...Tea~rrific Trio and Pretty Knits...SuKnitWitty Knits Again

NOVEMBER...SuKnitWitty Surprises...Knits~Baby~Gloves~Thanks

DECEMBER...O Christmas Tree You Skinny Christmas Tree

These Eight Sheepish Posts were Picked mostly for the Pics! And while they are Wool Worthy to be featured, there are others on the SideBar under 'SKW's Knitting Posts to BAAAAAAbout!

And so as 2009 Knitting rolls over into 2010,
I'd like to say Thanks to Everyone for supporting my Bloggin Habit with your Comments and 3,879 Stitches on the SiteMeter.

PS...I sure hope that December Knitter finishes those 'DangMe Purple Socks'!


  1. It has been SO fun blogging with you! YOU are a pro! xo

  2. Cute!

  3. Wow!! What wonderful words of wooliness u wale 2 wassail in the New Year!!


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