Friday, December 4, 2009

Knittin Up A SnowStorm!!!

Just In Time!!!
Sweater Knitting, that is!!!
TWO Sweaters!!!
Am I a Lean Mean Knitting Machine or What?

Or What...You Say!!!

OK, I'm trying to Pull the Snow Over Your Eyes!!!

These TWO Sweaters were made....let's Just Say...Not in 2009!

Just In Time!!!
Mitt Knitting, that is!!!
Yep...for Real!! Another PAIR!
I'm on a SnowBall Roll!!!
That's SNOW not Batting!!!

Yep, It SNOWED in San Angelo, Texas
just so Dolly and Ruby could wear their Sweaters and
SuKnitWitty could wear her
'DollyParton Coat of Many Colors'!

Found this Knitted Treasure at a Thrift Shop!
It was priced at $8 and the shop was having a 1/2 price clearance!
Best 4 Bucks I ever spent!

So the Three of us are warm and cozy in our 'Dolly Coats'
and wondering how SusanB and Elly are weathering their
'First Texas Snow'.
Let's go
'Over One Click and Through the Wireless Wires'
to SusanB's Seduced By Yarn!


  1. Your Dolly coat is snazzy! The pups look cold!

  2. Dolly the song about the coat. I was with you when you found that amazing "deal" at the thrift store, waiting for you to find, wear, and cherish. "The girls are so beautiful in their special "coats of many colors" made with such love. I am jealous of the snow! None here...
    hugs:0).."lil sis"

  3. Oh, pretty pretty snow! We didn't get any here
    ;-(. Love your mitts and cute doggy sweaters!

  4. Great pics! Had so much fun Saturday night-- so happy that ya'll could be there!! LS


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