Monday, December 7, 2009

O Christmas Tree You Skinny Christmas Tree!

It's a Quilted Christmas on SuKnitWitty!
And Guess What?
It's been that way for Years and Years and Years!

As I was DoinTheDecorating last Eve, Mr.SKW asked,
"Aren't Knitters suppose to have Knitted Ornaments etc.?"

I stood him beside the chimney, put my finger aside my nose
Blinked twice and up the chimney he arose!

That'll teach him! HoHoHo!!!

Just as I was hanging HIS hand crocheted Stocking he slipped in the back door, dusted off the chimney gunk, and returned to the recliner!
"I guess Crochet is Close to Knitted, huh Honey?"

"Yep", says Mrs. SKW..."Thought you might come to that conclusion".

The Stockings were made many years ago when I was new to crocheting with yarn!
EVERY Relative got one for Christmas that year!
Do you know how many combinations of Red, Green and White there are?
About Twenty...Thank goodness for Varigated Christmas Yarn and size J Crochet Hook!

By February I was able to straighten out the fingers on my right hand and fling the sling immobilizing my left shoulder!

Yes, Crochet is close to Knitted Christmas Stuff!

I guess I'd have to say I'm a 'Trendy Tree Trimmer'!
When the Trend was 'Everything Your Child Ever Made', our tree was trimmed with paper airplanes, construction paper garland and paint by number ornaments.
Gave all that to Son and DIL a few years they can save it Forever!
Then there was the Texas Tree with collected Cowboy Santas, State Shape, Bluebonnet and every known Chili and Armadillo ornament in Texas.
And, of course a Cowboy Hat on Top with the rest of the tree shrouded in Stripped Raffia and Red Bandanas.
Son and DIL inherited that stuff, too, and now they get to clean up all that straw!

And here's my 'Dream Tree' with Crochet Snowflakes and Angels, Victorian Beaded Ornaments, Delicate Handblown Ornaments, and all things Breakable and Beautiful!
I love it especially since it's Fake, Pre-Lit, Skinny, and fits in the closet. Course I do take off the Breakable Beauty's and carefully pack them away.

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
Much pleasure thou can'st give me;
O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
Much pleasure thou can'st give me;
How often has the Christmas tree
Afforded me the greatest glee!
O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
Much pleasure thou can'st give me.


  1. Wow! All your lovely decorations make me want to stay home today. Well, a lot of things make me want to stay home today - it is FREEZING in Denver.
    One year my mom wanted a "fancy" tree so she bought satin ornaments (greens and blues) put tiny twinkle lights instead of the regular "WHO" lights, and bought some snazzy elves to sit in it. We hated it, but I've done the same thing some years. This year I piled everything on the tree. I like your skinny, sparkly tree! The stockings are VERY fun, too!

  2. I remember that Cowboy tree! There have sure been some fun times at Christmas--so nice to sit down and remember them--share a few laughs--I think that's why this time of year is so special to all of us--just about the only time we do slow down enough and "trip down memory lane".....
    guess you taught Mr SKW to pop off when standing by the fireplace!!
    You always do Christmas up right---see ya Saturday!!
    (your crazy SIL)

  3. Oh, by the way--I am listening to your Christmas play list....and now I can "hear" O Christmas Tree!!!!

  4. Love your Christmas tree. The crocheted ornaments are wonderful. The entire tree is so festive. I must get busy with mine. Maybe tomorrow! I did get out the Christmas quilts this evening.

  5. Sue, here I am sneaking a peek from work, and you made me laugh aloud.

    I love my skinny, prelit tree, too. And, it lives in my "Christmas" closet most of the year.

  6. Beautiful, purty, de'lovely, festive, Merry Chirstimas.
    hugs..:0) "lilsis"


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