Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December...Knit Til You Drop or Bombeck Giftcard!!!

Welcome To SuKnitWitty Winter's
December Block of the Month

It's Block #3 in Series of 12
Click HERE to view #2 in November
Click HERE to view #1 in October

December's Birthstone is Turquoise

December Flower of the Month is the Narcissus

SuKnitWitty's Favorite Flower for December...The Poinsettia

SuKnitWitty's Favorite Warm and Cozy Places...

...Where The Stockings are Hung!


...Where the Gifts are 'Brung'!

Speaking of Gifts...

How's Your Shopping Going?
Could you use a Hint?
Here's one from Erma...

"Wouldn't it be wonderful to find one gift that you didn't have to dust, that had to be used right away, that was practical, fit everyone, was personal and would be remembered for a long time? I penciled in "Gift certificate for a flu shot."
-- Erma Bombeck

PleaseSanta...I need a few more days to finish my Christmas Knitting or everyone will be getting a Handmade Gift Card for H1N1FluShot!
Erma'd be Proud!


  1. Hi Sue!
    I like all the Christmas loveliness here!
    Wasn't Erma the best, best, best?
    You'll get that knitting done, you will.
    I'm glad you are home and online again!

  2. Poinsettias are my favorite also. I had one that lived for 3 years. Repotted it and put it in a "happy place" and it grew beautifully. Love your fireplace decor.
    hugs...:0) "lilsis"


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