Saturday, December 26, 2009

Knitting Resolutions....JumpOnJanuary!

No New Years Resolutions...Yet!
OK, I'd better 'Take That Back'!
Just the other day Susan-B and I were discussing our next
Wednesday Trio Knitting Day...which will be in 2010!

We 'Resoluted to Work on UFO's' from 2009!

That's enough 'Resoluting' for now...I don't want to start 'Breaking' them before 2010 even gets here!
I'll just watch the 'CountDown' Thingy on the SideBar, and 'Think About That Stuff'....Whenever!

In the meantime, I'll 'SitNKnit' in the WarmNest and get a
JumpOnJanuary's First 'StitchADay' Calendar that Susan-B gave me for Christmas!
Alternating Diagonals, with it's 24 rows, will probably Cure Me of the
'I Will Make a BlockADay' Resolution I'm contemplating!

PS...Thanks Susan for the Calendar!
Sorry to tell you, but, I'll probably Renege on the 2010 UFO WedTrio Resolution!


  1. I have no knitting resolutions. I'm much too stubborn for it. You and Susan B are the knitting goddesses.

  2. That's ok... I'm already planning new knitting projects!! lol

  3. I hope 2 of those UFO's are my gloves and my shawl!!! Can't hardly wait cause "Baby it's cold outside"...I sure love my new head warmer you gave me for Christmas. Thank ya bunches sis!
    Hugs...:0) "lilsis

  4. Hey Lilsis....That's your shawl in my lap! At least your head is warm! Hang in there....I'll GetErDone!

  5. Oh, those lingering UFO's! I really must resolve to get mine finished -- maybe ;-). But at the moment, I'm so wanting to start crocheting edgings on pillowcases instead.


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