Sunday, December 13, 2009

Knitting Burnt Orange...It's A Texas Thing!

There once was a 'Knitter' who....

~ Couldn't decide what to knit for the guys on her list!
~ Had a 'YourEEEka Moment' when Texas 'EEEEkedOut' a 'LastSecond' win over Nebraska!

~ Dashed to her Knitting Machine and Grabbed the Stashed Burnt Orange Yarn!
~ Zipped through that Stash of Yarn on her Speedy Bond!

How Quickly the Burnt Orange yarn went through the Bond...much like the Field Goal that won the game!

So the Burnt Orange Piled on top of the other...much like the Texas Players and Fans.

And now the Knitter who 'Knew What Not ToDo' done 'DidItAgain'...
Made a 'Pile of Caps' to Finish on DPN's!!!

PS...Dear Santa, Please bring 10 H1N1 FluShot Giftcards...just in case!


  1. Love your cozy Christmassy nest! Cute stripey socks too. Didya make 'em, huh, huh ;-)?

  2. Nice hats! You look cute in your hat and your stripey socks.

  3. Hello Fun Sue! Yahoo! Great idea!
    YOU are the cutest!


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