Monday, October 19, 2009

Tea-rrific Trio and 'Pretty Knits'...SuKnitWitty KnitsAgain!

'Sheep Happened' at SuKnitWitty's 45th Reunion.
Yep, once your Hooked on Knitting, it PopsUp everywhere you go.
These KeyRingSheep were part of the Chamber Packet given to the 65'ers.
I even talked a little Knitting and Crocheting with classmates.
Glenda told me about a KnitShop in Lancaster, Texas, and said she was going to take Knitting Classes.
DeAnn's daughter is a Crochet Designer, so we talked about that and some of the patterns she has designed.

Now that the Reunion is over, I can get back to Knitting! Pretty Knits by Susan Cropper, who owns the knit shop 'Loop In London', was a gift from Susan-B. The Wednesday Knit Trio met briefly last Wednesday, and Susan, Gina and I talked knitting, had a dessert dish prepared by 'Julia'Susan and reviewed several Knitting magazines and books...including this one.

'Anisette' Wrap is the very first pattern I want to make from 'Pretty Knits. Gina gave me the perfect yarn several months ago. I can't wait to start...really should finish the sweater first, and probably the 'Sock' and for sure the scarf. We'll see!

And, just so I don't run out of Knitting WannaDo's, here's two more! Thanks Susan-B for this book of 'Pretty Knits', and Thanks Gina for the gorgeous yarn for the Shawl.
Ya'll are Tea-rrific!


  1. I love that heart! I must take my little needles to Hawaii. How are YOU? Are you tired from all the fun, fun, fun? I'm glad you're back, SKW!
    oxoxopom pom

  2. Hi,

    Now that the reunion is over, you can move on to more projects. By the way, I need one of those sheep keychains. I am at home after a quick weekend trip to Lubbock to go to the Country Peddler Craft show.
    Let me know what is going on. Love ya,Loredia

  3. We got the same sheep key ring with the name of a LYS in NYC at Stitch N Pitch this year at the Mets game. Aren't they cute?


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