Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Tricks and Treats for Knitting!

This is SuKnitWitty's Trick or Treat Bag!
It's the size of a large paper bag like the ones they use to sack your groceries in a the grocery store. It has handles and opens up to hold lots and lots of...

These goodies from the
Wool N Cotton Shop!

Have you ever wondered about the Halloween slogan 'Trick or Treat'? Is it a question or a statement? Why would anybody ask to be Tricked when they are obviously looking for a Treat? I really think the Halloween Slogan Gurus just got their T's backwards. 'Treat or Trick' works...or...'Treats or Treats' works even better. Whatever! I'm Treat-N-Myself to some Knittin Stuff like...

This is what I call a Treat! Although, it does have it's share of TRICKS...for knitting up some fabulous Christmas gifts. There's Hats, Scarves, Sweaters, Gloves, Mitts and Socks and Socks and Socks. Yep, there's the SSS again...SecondSockSyndrome.

The Knitting Wizzardess...SusanB-Knits...discovered these NiftyNeedles for knitting socks and gloves. So, I'm thinkin, two points outta be a whole lot better than 4-5 Double Pointed Needles which adds up to 8-10 points and a SockInProgress that looks like a Voodoo Thingy. So, if one HiyaHiya Circular Socker works, then Two HiyaHiya's just might be the cure for my SSS. Yep, I could knit the cuff on one, then knit the cuff on two, then back to one for the heel flap, then over to two for....get the picture? I'm pretty pumped about this Second Sock Solution. If it doesn't work out, I'm surely headed for SecondSockSyndrome ReHab and a drawer full of SingleSocks.


  1. I love the HiyaHiya needle. They are great to work with and the price is right!

  2. Looks like lots of good "treats or tricks" goodies in that bag!! Enjoy!
    And the baby circulars are great. Let me know if you still have trouble with SSS.

  3. What the heck is this SSSyndrome?! Never known you to have ANYTHING like that. GET OVER IT!!! Besides, who cares if the 2nd sock is a perfect match...as long as it has same colors and is warm. Look at as a piece of abstract, random, whatever. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!
    p.s. you can give them to me for Christmas and I will promote them...think of it...we could make MILLIONS!

  4. Love the knitted pumpkins! They look so cuddly!

  5. Sue, YOU are soooo creative! and you and your "Witchy Friends are just as cute and creative! Thanks for including Wool 'N' Cotton Shop in your blog.

  6. That Interweave Knits holiday mag looks interesting. I have FSS - I've yet to make a keeper when it comes to socks.


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