Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Kudos to Those Three...Weather-WhatToWear & Hair!

Hi, MHS Friends!
We're into the final countdown for the reunion this weekend!
Here's some last minute information for you.
Ben and Lenora Pool are in charge of emergency wrap-up.
Just in case you get lost, need a ride, need directions or just want to chat,
call Ben or Lenora.
Their numbers are: Ben-(210)240-3535 Lenora-(325)234-5960.
We are so excited about the reunion and are looking forward to
seeing all of you this weekend!
If you need anything during these last few days, e-mail me and I'll try to help out in any way that I can.
Please be careful if you're traveling to San Angelo.
See you on Friday!
Sue, Anne and Ben

I want that quilt so badly, I can taste it. Can't wait to see everyone this weekend. Much thanks to you for this website and to all my classmates who have worked so hard to put this reunion together. I see that the weather in San Angelo is suppose to be perfect for the weekend - see you soon.

Yessssss, SuKnitWitty received this COMMENT from Paul today!!
Three Things about his comment need to be addressed.
1) Thanks to classmates who have put this 45th Reunion together. To Anne, Ben and Sue for their planning, time and diligence in making this 45th Reunion a successful and fun time for everyone.
2) To Paul...Yipeee...You're Free Ticket #3!!! That's right, a comment will get you a FREE Ticket for the Quilt Drawing. #1 and #2 were Charlotte and Ted Purcell!
3) The weather in San Angelo....Perfect for the Weekend!


....Should we say something about dressing casual and comfortable??? I'm wearing jeans on Friday night, slacks on Saturday.....I will be thinking if there is something else.....
Maybe a SA weather forecast?

Oh, I do know one more thing. Benny Gresham and wife Sharon will be joining Lynn Money on Sunday morning to do some special gospel music.
(Marshall Clark has been ill and is not coming).

Thanks Paul for the Weather Forecast!
Marshall, we will miss you. Feel Better Soon!!

Also, just in today, Keith Bailey will not make the 45th Reunion due to upcoming Heart Surgery.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you Keith.
We'll see you for the 50th Reunion.

I think Ben put you and Marshall at the top of the list for the Entertainment Committe.
Ya'll might be thinking in terms of the 'Bailey & Clark Duet' or the 'Clark & Bailey' StandUp Comic Guys!

And Now....Concerning Anne's 'It's Casual Thingy'.
I hadn't thought TooooooMuuuuccch About That Til Now...Uh Huh!
So, I did what all good bloggers do and Googled
'What To Wear To Your Class Reunion'.
In a NutShell, here's what Women's Fashion Guide, Cynthia Nellis had to say.
"Worried what the old high school crowd will think?
Alleviate class reunion anxiety by planning ahead: map out pre-event beauty treatments, shop early, get the hairdo down weeks ahead and go the "less is more" route with fashion.
Choose classic, flattering silhouettes in solid colors and let a low-key outfit put the focus on you, not your clothes."

I only have 3 days left!!!! It's about the length it was in 1965....I'll try the BigHairFlip!

OMG, what's happened to my BigHairDo? It won't Rat Up and I don't have any AquaNet and My Flip has Flopped!
What am I gonna do....besides Pull My Hair Out?

I'd better figure out what to wear!

Whew! Got the Hair Issue Solved!
It's a solid color...no brown mixed in with the gray!

Anne said 'Casual'...Ha!...Been there done that! Everybuddy else wore Formals and I looked Ridiculous in my Cowgirl Outfit.
Not this time, No Siree!
This little Black-Beaded-Glittery Number should do the trick!
Forget You, FashionIsta Cynthia.
Girls Raised In Texas don't do Low-Key!
Maybe I SHOULD tone it down a bit and wear this Satin and Lace Diddy.
It is a Solid and I only wore it once 20 years ago at a Wedding.
"Wayne, what'd ya think about this for Saturday night?"
"Sue, It really makes your hair stand out, and it looks good from the front, but don't you think you should be able to zip up the back?"

"Well, maybe I can lose a few pounds before Saturday night.
In the mean time...
I'd better get started on the 'Pre-Event Beauty Treatments'.

Tomorrow I'll do my Manicure and Pedicure.
That Cherry Red Polish will look smashing with my Haaair!

You, know, Honey, I don' know how those Fashion Folks make a living.
Givin all that Hooey BaLooey Advice.
What da ya think?"

"Whatever You Say, Sue".


  1. Sue, the last time I saw you look like that was when your Dad whipped your butt on 11th (Sunset Street)street when we were kids
    see you friday, Leon & Melba

    You are frickin hilarious! Who knew?....
    Love,"lilsis" conniemarie says: HAVE FUN & MORE FUN.

  3. You are so funny and real. You made me laugh.


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