Monday, February 8, 2010

A Woman's Place Is In The World...of Knitting

Welcome to SuKnitWitty's first Mosaic Monday. 
 As my Blog Title implies, I am a WannaBe Knitter. 
When you are a WannaBe, you have all the STUFF, you have the WannaDo, and you are trying to find the WannaTime!

I've been Knitting for about two years, and find that in every project there are new challenges. 
 I've been a LongArm Machine Quilter and Quilt Designer for many years and find that there are still challenges there, too. 

Thanks for visiting  my First Mosaic Monday. 
I hope you have enjoyed my 'Spinner Times Seven' Mosiac.
It's all from my Knitting~Quilting Studio Stash!

Thanks to Mary at Little Red House for Hosting Mosiac Monday!
There's lots more Mosiacs to see there.
Thanks for Coming and Commenting!
 PS...Did you find all SevenSpinners?


  1. Hi!
    Great Mosaic! I love that pink yarn. I'm a crocheter and quilter. Your sewing machine collections is awesome. And yes I found all seven of the spinners. Have a great day!

    A View of My Life

  2. Hi Sue!
    thanks for visiting That Old House... and I am getting a BIG kick out of your blog.

    For my 7th birthday, my Aunt Lillian arranged for me to have knitting lessons with Miss Martha, a very elderly lady who lived in a small 18th century cottage in the woods in Stony Brook on Long Island. It was an experience! Miss Martha was a tough taskmaster, but I sure did learn to knit.

    My mother always had a piece of knitting in her hands; we had to discourage her from bringing her knitting to church! So knitting is a longtime friend; it's a most fascinating, rewarding and useful hobby!

    Love the mosaic -- am especially fond of the yarn in the lower right corner, that tweedy looking stuff. Nice!

    Great fun! -- Cass

  3. A beautiful mosaic! I'm a wanna be about lots of things...but I love how pretty your craft is.

    I'll be visiting again for sure.

    You mentioned Etsy. I'll have to learn more about it. So far I do much more business in fund raisers than retail sales. It may always be that way, I don't know. It works for me.

    Have a great day!

    Becky K.

  4. Yes, that area in your mosaic is a knitter dream! How wonderful!

  5. Sue, great mosaic...I didn't know you had this blog. I wish I could knitbut I really don't have any time.


  6. You are two years more experienced at knitting than me. I can knit and purl straight rows... but don't have a clue how to actually make something. That blue yarn is a gorgeous color!

  7. One of my favorite pastimes lately is embroidery. Your yarns are lovely - just waiting for your next project!

  8. Hi Sue!
    You're getting SO good at mosaics! Nice job!

  9. Hi! Thanks for stopping by. Your first MM is wonderful. Looks like you will be having lots of fun with us!

  10. Cute mosaic! A delightful way to show off your craft. I find people who knit to be comforting to be around. You are lucky to be a knitter! Joan @Americana By Candlelight

  11. lovely warm photos - knitting is great fun although recently i hve been doing more crochet than knitting - mostly granny squares to make into blankets for all the babies my friends are producing

  12. Colorful mosaic, I love how you have displayed all your yarn and accessories.

  13. I love this Mosaic. I'm a wanna be knitter too. I'm still stuck on washcloths (lol) simply because that seems to be the only thing I can get up enough gumption to try. You may consider yourself a wannabe kitter but my goodness you sure aren't a wannabe quilter. Your beautiful work is impressive!

    P.S. I bet you are much more talented at knitting that you are letting on too ;-)


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