Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Am An Apron~Aholic...Step One!

I'm a 'FeatherWeight' Vintage ApronAHolic!

What can I say!!  I owe it all to my GranMaMinnie.  She was, too!

She gave me my 'First Apron'!

It was the start of ApronLove and GottaHaveAprons!

Sew, now I GottaSew Aprons!

What Style???? Why Vintage of Course!!!!

How many Vintage Aprons can a Vintage Apron Collector Collect? 
 Better yet, how many can she possibly wear, need, want and make before she becomes classified as a Hoarder? 
Have You Seen That Show?  After watching for Five Minutes,
I was into the Apron Collection sifting out the 'Ones That Could Go'.
 It took me Three Days and constant Counseling!

Semi-Cured......Here's ONE that can go....

.....'Swing Your Partner'....$12.50...includes shipping...Available 4Sale...SobSob!!...ETSY or EMAIL

See More Vintage Aprons 4Sale HERE.  

PS...Now I gotta go SEW.
 They will be 4Sale, too.
 Maybe...FerSure...Probably...Definately...I'll wait and see!


  1. I fear that I an apron addict, and I want most everyone that I see...and ooo,those vintage patterns of aprons..I collect those as well. My husband and son also have seen the hoarder show..and have smiled and told me..ummmm,that's you and your aprons. It's true..
    and I don't care.

  2. I feel your pain! I love my collections and try to make sure they overtake me and my home but selling them sometimes is hard.

  3. I love this! My mom made many red and white stripe aprons for a fund raising/pie booth when I was a kid. I was so impressed with her ability to manufacture so many in such a short time. I've made only a few, but I think the idea of an apron is so warm, so inviting.

  4. I love aprons too...I have a couple of oldies. I ALWAYS forget to wear them when I cook. June Cleaver is turning over in her grave! I know that make really pretty curtain valances...someone I know, somewhere...I have seen this...hmmmmmm. wonder who?

  5. Remember when there was a "Home Economics" class taught? What was the first thing we were taught to sew? An apron---but of course!!! Seeing the retro patterns are putting me in the mood for some apron sewing again!! Love you! Linda

  6. Destashing is over-rated.I don't even turn on that show.You can find me at 1 N. Denial Drive, NC...


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