Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ice Road Knitters...NoWay on This Wednesday!

The Icy Snow blew into Texas on Tuesday!  Who knew it would stay through Wednesday...and maybe through Thursday! 

Good Grief, it was REALLY EIGHT Degrees....I know....for some of the USA, that's a Heat Wave. 

But here in Texas, we are just not use to the kind of cold that you have to kick a hole in the air, just to get outside!

Where there's a Knittin' Will there's a Way To Knit 4tog....good one huh?  And Knit Together we did....Virtually!

The wonder of the long as the BrownOut doesn't hit as I'm posting. 

Gretchen kept her Needles Warmed Up with this Smokin' Hot Pink yarn. 
She's takin' a break from the Tea Cozy Sweater to make these Mitts for her niece. 
What a great IcyHot Photo! Thanks, Gretchen for sending it via Email. 

SusanB emailed this Fantastic Foto of her Sweater. 
I saw where she also posted about PunxsutaneyPhil NOT seeing his shadow. 
Good thing he wasn't in was so cold the Groundhogs at the Park were throwing themselves at the Electric Fence.

Here's my Round Sleeve that has to fit onto the Square Sweater. 
 Good thing I'm not counting on wearing it to stay's way to Skimpy.
I kicked a hole in the air and threw my stuff out on the Snow and  snapped this picture.

Then I ran right back in through the hole and....

...Knitted by The Fire!

While I'm waiting for Gina to send her Sweater Progress Picture, I'll tell you about my bout with 'MultipleStartArexia! 

I just couldn't help Starting a DishRag or Two or Three!  I'm planning a DishRag KnitIn in April while on a Gals Weekend Retreat, and I've got to have some Rags Started for each of the Gals to Learn To Knit.  That means that every pair of 7 and 8 size Needles I own or can beg borrow and steal are going to have 38 stitches cast on them.   Isn't this a neat dish rag pattern?  I found it on's a Free Pattern and you can find it HERE

Well, my Virtual Mailbox is as empty as my Snail Mailbox...I hope Gina's Sender isn't IcedUp. I'll add her Sweater Progress Photo later. In the meantime, here's the Linky Info for joining the Wednesday Knit FourSome....

The Linky Tool will be OPEN from Post Time until the Following Tuesday. {Link anytime in that Time Period}

Share your Project however you'd like...with photos, photos and text, or just drop in to say Hi!

It was so nice to have Carol from Serendipity and GiGi from Firefly Cottage join us last week.  Be sure and visit SusanB at Seduced by Yarn for the PunxPhil's Report and check out her latest SweaterCapde Post.
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  1. I think it was warmer in PA today!! Nice icyhot pics. Can't wait to see how your round sleeve fits in its square hole. lol.

  2. Oops! Good team member I am, eh? Didn't even post my sweater pic, but I have a good excuse -- really! Our elec. was out for hours yesterday. Thank goodness for gas stoves and fireplaces! Will post my pic asap.
    p.s. Am I supposed to post it on my blog, then link to you? Dur!?


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