Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday Knitters...KNIT-START-STEEK and EAT

Are you a Self Starter or do you need someone to give you a Poke with Oh, lets say #7 Knitting Needle?

Maybe you are one of those Knitters who has 'MultipleStartArexia'...that is you are 'WayGood' at Starting one project and then Starting another and another and even one more until all your needles are full, your project Bag Bags are overflowing, and there's a project in every room including the laundry room and bathroom.  Really, get in a couple of rows at every opportunity!

Meet Gina!  She's had MultipleStartArexia ever since I've known her and probably alot longer....I mean it's not something you develop overnight!  The thing is, Gina has MultipleNeedlework MSA.  That's her Bag Bags are Knitting, Needlepoint, Crochet and a stack of HowTo Books on another Needlework Project or Two she's planning on STARTING! 
Having MSA is such a Good Thing!  Gina accomplishes so much and is an Expert in Multi-Tasking Needlework.  I hope it's contagious!

For this Wednesday Knit FourSome KnitARama, Gina has knitted up a storm on her Challenging Nora's Sweater and then out of the Bag Bags she pulled out ONE of her OTHER Projects...the White Cable and Seed Stitch Cap.  I can't wait to see what she  STARTS in the Knitting Bag I gave her today!
Oh! Yeah!  I forget to tell Ya'll....Today we Celebrated Mine and Gina's January Birthdays!

Our Birthday Luncheon Menu...Crackers and CrabCheese Ball..
.Spring Salad with Vinegarette Dressing...Crustless Crab Quiche and Drop Biscuts.

And Then....Tea and Dessert!!! 
Now, in case you didn't know, I am a Newbie Tea Drinker among Three TeapotHeads! 
 SusanB, Gina and Gretchen have convinced me that TeaPots and TeaCups are NOT just for Collecting!
Today's Tea....'Valentine'...a black leaf tea from Adagio Teas!
Ya'll.....It is CHOCOLATE flavored!!!

 So, do you think we Knitted today? 
It wasn't easy, but we managed to drink Chocolate Tea, eat Caramel Pecan Bars, and Knit
...almost at the same time.
 Here's a run down of our knitting accomplishments:
  • Gretchen STARTED a Steak Steek Swatch....She did 'Splain' that to me.  I'm sorry Ya'll... I'll take notes next time...I'm pretty sure it has to do with CUTTING  your KNITTING!  Yikes!
  • SusanB translated and figured out how I'm suppose to get a Square Sleeve into a Round Hole!  I'm sorry Ya'll...NoWay am I Going There Again!  However, I'm sure Susan will be glad to help if you have a Square to fit in a Round's her link...Seduced by Yarn.
  • Gina helped figure the SquareRound Thingy and looked through her Notes for a Pattern to START a Project to Fill her Birthday Knitting Bag!
  • I made the Square Sleeve Round to attach to the Rectangle Sweater Body!    Sorry Ya'll,  You Just Had ToBe There!
 The Wednesday Knit FourSome would love to have YOU join us here on SuKnitWitty!
Our Challenge is to Start/Finish a Sweater in 2011, but YOU can JOIN In with any Project you'd like and at anytime.

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So Here's The Linky...We'd Love to Knit WithYa!


  1. My name is Carol and I have MSA.... Great post but I am not sure what button you want me to post.

    Have a great day.


  2. BienVenidos...Welcome... Carol!!!! Soooo glad to have you join our Knitting Group! I see you are a Tea Drinker and that you are knitting Socks...I mean SOCK! I must warn you that I have SSS...Second Sock Syndrome...I've not yet finished that Second Sock and it's been TWO YEARS. It may be contagious, however SusanB has no trouble with SSS, so you are probably safe. Good to know you have're in good company here on SuKnitWitty! Thanks for joining....Sue

  3. Hi Su! My name is Gigi, and I'm a startaholic ;).
    I'm nearly finished with 2!!! sweaters -- hopefully before the spring thaw. I could have used some advice from you 'real' knitters when it came time to knit on the sleeves of this bottom up sweater -- a first for me.
    Anyhoo, I think I linked my project -- never done a Mr. Linky thing before so hope it worked!


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