Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Wednesday FourSome Gets Goin' and Gets To Knittin'

Welcome to Wednesday Knitters FourSome 2011 Sweater Challenge on SuKnitWitty!

We are a Tightly KnitGroup of FourGals who knit together guessed it...Wednesdays!

In 2010 it was suggested that we challenge ourselves to Start/Finish and Finish a Sweater in 2011.

Our MasterKnitter SusanB, AKA Sock Wizzardess, is prepared for all Seven of the Things that can make or break a sweater.

Far as I can tell there really or only Three Things...Get Goin'~GetToKnittin'~Get Done!

So Susan and Gretchen 'Get Goin' with the Measuring and Figuring!

SuKnitWitty...that's me (just in case you've forgotten...since it's been MONTHS since I've posted)
...well, I'm going to FINISH this Sweater I started in 2009. 
 New Knits...Old Knits...Treasures X2 was the post where I STARTED on it the FIRST Time.

Gina is such a Good SelfStarter!  Here's Her Sweater Challenge! 
 I love this Sweater!  She thinks it will take All the Wednesdays of 2011 and More to FINISH!

 That may be, but she will FINISH a couple of dozen other projects inbetween!

Break for Cheesecake while Gretchen lays out her yarn and starts a Swatch!

Now here's where I'm suppose to Report on something' about Stranded.
  I'll have to get back with you on that as a Knitting Term...I've been Stranded, but it had to do with running out of gas.

SusanB came up with the 2011 Sweater Challenge to Get Goin' on a Sweater she has had yarn, pattern and plans for
....well, before she moved to Texas. 
Today she STARTED....TWICE! 

What do you think Ellie? 
I bet she STARTS at least Once More!

It's Good to Get Goin' on SuKnitWitty again! 

It's Good to Get To Knittin' with SusanB, Gina and Gretchen!

It's good to Get Done!  Ooops!  I mean it WillBe Good to Get Done in 2011!!!

See you Next Wednesday!

Until then....You can find me pretty much every day at my other blog...
CollectInTexas Gal

and SusanB at Seduced by Yarn.


  1. Ellie said to tell you "you are right... she did start again!" lol

  2. So glad to see you back. Your photos are always so beautiful.
    I just found a sweater I started about a year or so ago I think I'll do a post about it.

  3. Oh Gawwww, I wish I was there! I miss you girls!


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