Saturday, February 5, 2011

Gosh Yarn It...I Can't Help If I'm A Redneck Knitter!

Gosh Yarn it, I'm always a Day Late and a Dollar Short.  I knew it, I just knew I shoulda got my patent papers filed Sooner than Later!  I could be makin' UTubulars, autographing Bloggy's, settin' up PayPal and makin' Big Bucks on my new invention....The Yarn Cake Thingie! 

I'm a total DoFus...I waited too long, and the reason is, I wanted to give the Yarn World a SureFire Guaranteed High Quality Product!  No kiddin'...using the best materials available was a high priority!

I was right on the verge of getting the footwork down where the Thingie would spin smoothly with just a flip of the BigToe!  No matter that the Thingie wouldn't SuckUp to the spinner.  I had visions of a Classy Silver Adhesive....or what we Texans refer to as Southern Engineering Duct Tape.

Why I even had the foresight to make it completely portable.  You never know how long you'll be, and it's important to complete the row before putting down the project.  At least that's what I hear!  Just think the, SuckUp end has multiple uses....well, you never know!

Now if you are less of a Redneck Knitter than I am, you might like this Fancyarn Cake Thingie!

Or this one for knitting Dish Rags!

It doubles as a Paper Towel I said...Multipurpose.  More Bang for your Buck! 
Well, You can imagine my devastation when I read SusanB's post today and saw this UTube video...

Now Susan and I are alot alike in that we both really like neat Knitting Gadgets.
 There's just a few differences in our Knitting experiences and things we like. 
For instance, she likes Tea and I like Coffee. 
She's a lot more Sophisticated about Knitting, and since she's from the North, she doesn't know much about Southern Engineering and Redneck Knitting!
I like to make Something out of Nothing and Susan has KnitPick on Speed Dial!
I guess I'll have to give the Yarn Cake Thingie I made for her to Gina!
I'd make one for Gretchen, but she's from somewhere farther North than Susan, and she's probably already got a Yarn Susan, too!
Gosh Yarn It!


  1. Sue,

    Very, very good. There is a lot of this type of engineering in Maine too. Bubblegum is another adhesive we are fond of....

    Have a great week. I am really going to try to knit this week.


  2. A great blog! I love it!!
    Sorry I spoiled your 'redneck engineering'. lol. but I do think you can surprise Gina with the portable one, lol.
    And how did you know KnitPicks is on my speed dial?!

  3. Hi Su,
    I hear it's another FREEZING day out in your neck of the woods. Cold here too, and we got sleet early this morning but no snow. Anyhoo, I posted my sweater but then tried to find the linky thing and it seems to have expired? I'm trying, but not too good at this, so let me know if did something wrong (very likely ;), k?
    Warm hugs to you,

  4. Love the color combination of that yarn! The colors sure looks lovely!


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