Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Knitting On Wednesday With ScrappyGina~MatchySusan~LuckySKW

The Ultimate Yarn Scrapper!
Nope, it's not SuKnitWitty!

It's Wednesday Trio Knitter Gina!
She's on a 'No Scrap Left Behind Quest' with the crocheting of this scrappy afghan.

Then there's the Ultimate MustMatch-MustBalance-MustBlend Knitress!
Nope, Again! It's Not SuKnitWitty!

It's Wednesday Trio Knitter Susan-B!
She's on a 'Perfect or Pick It Out Quest' with this Perfectly Coordinated Layette.

Then There's the Ultimate Lucky KnitWit!

That'd be SuKnitWitty, the Wednesday Trio Knitter who is Lucky to have
TWO Friends to Knit with on Wednesdays.
There is nothing that does a knitter's heart more good than
finding friends who knit.
There is little that is more fun than sitting with someone who cares about you, laughs at your jokes and truly wants to have a
two-hour conversation on the aspects of having
'Second Sock Syndrome'.

Speaking of SSS, I think a 'Cure' may be close at 'HiyaHiya Hand'.
As you can see, the 'SufferingSock' has been removed from the 'VoodoDPN's'
and now reside on the 9" HiyaHiya Circular Needles.
AND...THE SECOND SOCK has a cuff and over an inch of ankle length
knitted on the Second HiyaHiya Circulars.
I am so optimistic about this SSS Cure that
I've embarked on 'Another Pair'....

....of Fingerless Gloves! Yep, and the first one is nearly finished...that's the one with the VoodoDPN's on the thumb!
The SECOND one is on #3 straights with just the thumb opening and hand left to knit! Yahoo!!! I'm so happy to not be struck down with SGS...

With SSS pretty much conquered and the threat of SGS pretty much outta the picture, I'm Inspired by my Knitting Friends, Gina and Susan,
to 'Go Where SuKnitWitty Dared Not Go Before'.
That'd be Charts and Cables! And it's FINISHED!
This 'Cable and Bobble Headband' from Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts
was knitted in an afternoon! Really!!!
Thank the Knitting Goddess that ONE Headband covered BOTH ears!

PS...Click HERE for more Wednesday Trio Knitting on this Wednesday, November 4,2009.


  1. What fun! I wish I could come! I really do need a knitting group. I'll just have to rustle one up! Your projects are wonderful! I looked at the Interweave Knits gift magazine the other night at Borders and it DOES have some groovy stuff in it!
    Thank you for sharing the knitting love!

  2. You have a great group. I will be meeting with my group the Chalk Dust Knitters & Crocheters today. We are blessed to have friends to do our craft with.
    I love No Scrap Left Behind Quest and my group will get a kick out of it because we are all in education.

  3. I truly take delight in reading about your Wednesday gatherings. What blessings to have 2 special friends to spend time with each week doing what you love to do! LS

  4. Great friends! Good food! Good times!
    Glad you made it past the SSS!!

  5. Well, look at you go! Can't wait to learn about the hiya hiya things!

  6. Where are you? I hope you don't have swine flu.


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