Friday, April 29, 2011

The Belated Bunny and Beaded PiggyPie Sweater

Yes, I know Easter has come and gone, but I wasn't ready with my Easter presentation until now!

TaDa!  Happy Belated Bunny Blankee-Sweater Easter!
I'm just so happy to have FINISHED a project!
This Sweet Sweater, Blankee and Bunny will go to my Baby Stash for Future Family Babes!
I'm also counting it as my Wednesday Knit Sweater for this week.

I'm counting The Piggy Pie Sweater as my Wednesday Sweater for this week
 and for several weeks to come.

It's CHART 4 and an Increase of Stitches to 576 which at the end of the
Chart will MultiPie into a Kabillion!
It's a good thing that the Wednesday Knitters are on a Two Week Break and the
Piggy Pie Sweater Class has Two Weeks for Chart 4!
I'm going to be busy with lots of YO's and DD-SSKPSSO's...oh and BEADS!


  1. How cute, Sue! Love the bunny biz!
    Wow! Your WIP looks hard! You're a smart cookie.

  2. Cute little baby sweater! love it! Yep, I'll be taking the two week break from the sweater knitting and you'll be getting way ahead of me. But, I have finished my March sock and have started the mate! So I'll be sock knittin' this trip.

  3. The Bunny sure did made up for the late Easter presentation. So cute! And so are the baby sweaters.

  4. I'm loving the accentuating Bunny. Great presentation. And pretty little sweaters.


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