Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday Knitters Back To Sweaters

Remember Susan B's 'Must Have Cardigan? 
 It Must Have been sirenly calling her to...Pick Me Pick Me for Wednesday Knitting!
For there it was today!
Isn't it amazing?

Gretchen is Sticking to Steeks and FairIsle Sweater Knitting, but this project is a
 Cup Cozy instead of her beginning sweater, the Tea Cozy.
We are all going to get a chance to make this Cup Cozy at our next Concho Valley Knitting Guild meeting!

Gina is so far ahead on her Challenge Sweater that she has switched over to the Piggy Pie Sweater/Shawl!
She declared it a Sweater as it has sleeves.
Works for me since I'm in the same class and will probably claim the same
 'Yes It's A Sweater' for next Wednesday.

Actually, I'm claiming the 'Yes It's a Sweater' excuse this week as I am opting out of my
Bagged Challenge Sweater...again... this week to work on this 'Quickie Baby Sweater'.
It goes with the Quickie Blankee made several weeks ago which really needed this
Sweet Sweater to make it a complete layette. 
I'll probably have to really complete the layette with the hat and booties.
Oh well....MAYBE next week will be the Challenge Sweaters Unbagging!

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  1. Nice sweaters! Glad to see everyone is back to working a sweater, lol.


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