Thursday, March 4, 2010

Crochet...My Way...OK...Mrs. B's Way!!!

Purple Pineapple???  Sure!!!  Why Not???
Afterall, It Is ONE of SKW's Favorite colors!

Of course I don't plan on eating this one.  Not after all the work with the itty bitty size 7 crochet hook, the thin strand of crochet thread, and micro mini shell stitches.

And...I'm So Pumped!!! The last time I used these MicroMediums was in Mrs. Brownings HomeEc Class in 1964.  It was my first attempt at crochet and the intended doilly ended up as a Bar Tenders Jigger Cover.  I didn't know a thing about Jiggers, but I sure wanted to make one of those fancy ruffled doillies that were starched stiff enough to use as a serving tray.

No matter how many times I started over, I could not get the tension right for anything that resembled 'Flat'!  Mrs. Browning put me back on the sewing machine where the tension was permanently set!

 Forever, I have seen these Vintage Crocheted Pineapple Heart Pin Cushions and always wanted one.  Anytime I found one, my first thought was "I can make one of those", and leave it for someone who was willing to pay and couldn't crochet.

 You see, I did learn to crochet.

Yep, when the size J Hook and Yarn made it's Crochet Debut, I was a crocheting fool.  I made everyone in my family a Varigated Poncho with Fringe to the WhaZoo and Granny Square Afghans out the WhaZoo!

I only recently overcame my fear of the ThinThread TinyHook TensionItis!  While browsing in an antique shop, I came across a stack of Crochet Booklets full of TTTH patterns.

Star Book No.121...Crochet Suggestions for
Fairs and Bazaars  published by The American Thread Co. in the 1950's and sold for 10 cents.

You guessed it!  I bought it!  Not for 10 cents....I wish!
And the ONE thing that I bought it for.....
The Pineapple Pincushion!!

According to the Pattern, I'm half way finished with the crocheting.  It calls for TWO of the pineapple hearts.  One for the Front and one for the Back.  I'm like...who's gonna turn it over?  Not me!  So, I'm thinking it's time for a SueRule change to the pattern. 

PS...I'll get back to ya on the rule change and pattern re-write!  BTW, after this many years...the pattern is considered public domain, so I don't have to get Mrs. Brownings permission to adjust the Tension!
PPS...Thank-you Mrs. Browning for teaching me to crochet Jigger Covers!


  1. Oh, good for you conquering that tiny-ness. Looks perfect! I loved making little crocheted hearts for Valentine's Day and want to make more tiny things ---- someday ;-).

  2. You talented girl you! I love that pineapple purple or not! You are a gem lady!


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