Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sue's Bonnets and Baskets...Sue ToThe Rescue!

I'm a girl named Sue.

I'm a girl who Quilts.

I'm a SunBonnetSue Quilter!

Who is SunBonnetSue?

Girls named Sue want to know!

So, HERE is

How many SunBonnetSue Quilts has this GirlNamedSue Quilted?

Too many to show in ONE Post!

Since it's Bonnet and Basket season, here is a 1930's Sue that was Rescued from an old quilt top.

As part of the Rescue, Sue's Bonnet was dressed up with machine embroidery and lace.  Sue lasted many years on the old muslin without a hand to hold her basket.  As part of her makeover, she got a basket of posies, a new background with RickRack, YoYo's and Vintage Buttons.
 Sue's now a 21st Century Gal sayin, "How do ya like Me now"?

All of the embroidery and quilting was done on my Janome 10000, and the finished small quilt was a Sample for a Machine Quilting and Embroidery Class.

Just last week, I found these NEW Bonnet Girl embroidery patterns. 

How is it that Aunt Martha can KeepKrankin  them out?  She's gotta be gettin up there in years.

Just goes to show that Sittin,Sewin and Embroiderin are good for the Heart!

More of Aunt Martha's Patterns HERE.

PS...I'm plannin on some Sittin an Embroiderin a Bonnet or two or three for Easter!  I hope you will join me!  I'll be postin here on SKW my progress.  Sew, come back soon.

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  1. Hi Sue...
    I left a Sunshine award for you over at my place, if you're accepting awards. I love,love your sweet Sues. Have a wonderful day..xxxx CC


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