Saturday, March 27, 2010

So, Are You Ready to Sow or Sew?

So, how many ways can you spell SO?

Well, if you are SuKnitWitty and make up words with definitions to suit your needs, the possiblities are unlimited. 

SO...SEW...SOW, now let me think they are right back....gotta go Google!

They are Homophones!  Ya, know I completely forgot about that application for Homo and for that matter....Phone!

Whatever! So, let's skip the English lesson and get on to the SuKnitWitty Sew-Sow Post...I don't mean it's going to be So-So...or maybe it will as  I'm already thinking, "Sue, you are So going to mess this up, but here goes.  This is a Sewn Sign about Sowing!  So, why am I showing it at this time?  Cause it's time to Sow seeds So they can get Water during April Showers for May Flowers. 

Yes, I know the flowers on the sign are SewnYoYo's....that's why I skipped the word WEED.  Of course, if you are Mr. SKW, the weeding comes before the sowing and will come again when the flowering weeds bloom in May when the Sown Flower Seeds don't....bloom that is! 
His idea of flowers and mine are as different as Sew and Sow!

Or as different as Oranges and Lemons.  Sewn or Grown!!
No worries...No Orange or Lemon Trees to WEED.

PS...SO, now that we are all straight about it being time to SOW, SOSO on the time to Weed , and know  that Water Fall in May has a SOSO chance, I think I'll go SEW.  Are you wondering about WAIT?  Me too! 

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  1. Yes, it is almost time to sow here, too. I looked at the seeds today. So, Mr. SKW weeds? Nice!


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