Wednesday, March 31, 2010

This Cat Is A Real McCoy!!!

A Cats Motto:  No matter what you've done wrong, always try to make it look like the dog did it!

That sounds about right to me since I don't have a Cat! 

 I have Dogs and they don't need a cat around to make it look like they did it.
Altho, they'd probably like to have one around to blame for what they do!

Did you hear about the cat that swallowed a ball of yarn?
She had Mittens!

That's the Cat that I have.  Altho, she hasn't been Knittin any Mittens, but then neither have I.

Yep, this Cat's a Real McCoy!  Made by McCoy Pottery as a String Dispenser.  Mine is in the signature Pink Glaze that McCoy made popular in the 1930's and 1940's.  The String Cat was also glazed in turquoise, green and light blue.

 I really don't use this Kitty as a Caddy!  It won't hold a big enough ball of yarn for Knitting or Crocheting.  However, when string was used to hold packages together it would hold a tightly wrapped ball of string. 

 I guess McCoy didn't think much of Scotch Tape putting their Cat out to Litter.

I'm so glad it's time for Vintage Thingie Thursday and time to join Suzanne and all the VTT Bloggers over at ColoradoLady.

Do you know what you get when you cross a pole with a kitty?
A Polecat!

My ChaWiennies, Dolly and Ruby told me that one!  No Foolin!


  1. LOL Love your little jokes!!
    BUT Love your Kitty! That color is amazing, don't think I've ever seen any McCoy in that color before.

  2. If that were a real cat, the string would probably kill it. I have cats but no dog for them to blame things on.

  3. I love your real McCoy as I have one in green! Such a cute kitty and I also have a real cat who would play with yarn!

  4. I love your dogs. They are so cute. You should tell us more of their shenanigans. Last night, when I couldn't sleep, I started thinking about a puppy again. I wonder if my neighbor and I could share a dog. Would that be weird? Your pink string providing cat made me laugh.

  5. Very cute! I've never seen a kitty caddy before. Love it. Happy VTT!


  6. That is a cute little kitty caddy. I have seen a lot of McCoy products, but never this one.

  7. That pink cat is just toooooo cute. I've never seen one like this. I'm going to my eye out though.

  8. What a great piece! I can just imagine it sitting on some 1940s counter top dispensing string. Cute kitty!

  9. Well, that is cute!

  10. Well, I've never seen a kitty caddy. It's soooo cute! I bet Dollie and Ruby would like to have a cat to blame things on, hehehe. (Ellie would too!)

  11. Oh my gosh..I love little kitty. He is so sweet..and I love the pretty color. and p.s. I loved the polecat..:).
    Nappy VTT..have a fantastic weekend..

  12. I've never seen a McCoy like that! My cats would like him, I'm sure. Thanks for sharing!

  13. I have got to say, I have not seen a cat like this and a McCoy too! What a cute little thing to have! Have a great VTT!

  14. What a great post! I have never seen a kitty caddy before. It is just adorable!
    Happy Easter,

  15. What a unique item. I've never run across anything quite like it. Adorable!

  16. I love that cat, it's such a cute idea. I'm also partial to pink. I was just showing my daughter some McCoy pottery on Ebay the other day. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Awesome! I've never seen a McCoy string holder - good for you!

  18. Fabulous! Love your kitty! Happy Easter - I'll be playing along at VTT starting next week ... see you then ;)

  19. That is a great kitty string dispenser. I like your cat jokes as well. Happy Easter.

  20. I'm not a crafter so this was a rally interesting post for me. I didn't even realize that such an object existed!
    Evelyn in Montreal


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