Monday, March 15, 2010

Ten Steps to The Business of Quilt Salvage

The Business of Quilt Salvage!

Sorry Granny, but  somebody had to do it!

From the depths of an old trunk came this tattered, torn, and beyond repair quilt top made by Joe's Granny!

Sue, can you fix it?
But, I can Salvage It!!!

So, let's get started! 

Step One...Press out the wrinkles and cut out the best circular pieces.

Step Two...Cut the circles down to Hexagons.

Step Three...Sew raveled seams back together.  Don't worry about the piece not being square.

Step Four... From muslin cut triangles at least one inch larger than the edge of the hexagon.

Step Five...Sew the triangles to Four Corners of the hexagon.  Don't worry about petal points or matching corners.

Step Six...Square up the block by triming the triangles.

Step Seven...Sew squared blocks together.
I was able to salvage enough to make 15 blocks for a 3 block by 5 block arrangement.

Step Eight...Add borders.  Be sure to measure through the Center with each border.

Step Nine...Quilt...I machine quilted  with a Medium Meander stitch.  QuiltaLotty did a nice job of catching any fabrics that may be a bit fragile and flower centers that needed an extra stitch for reinforcing.

Step Ten...Sew on the Binding...I stitch to the top using a Walking Foot and then hand stitch it down to the backing. 

Sew, there ya go Joe's Granny!

I hope you are smiling up there in Quilt  Heaven!

By the way, Granny, are you an Aquarian?

I am!


  1. Great save! I love the half petals and how the "circles" kind of appear and disappear! You did a wonderful job! Brilliant way to turn an old quilt into a new one.

  2. Oooo Sue,
    What a rescue!!! And the quilt came out beautiful..I just love it. You did a wonderful job

  3. You lost me around command #3. I need hand holding. I need a tutor. I MUST come down to Texas.

  4. Wow! I love the wonderfully unique quilt you made! I admire your bravery at cutting up the original, but it turned out so nicely!


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