Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Vintage to Vogue Crocheted Pineapple PinCushion

Victorian To Vogue

The Crocheted Pineapple PinCushion
was a favorite crochet design during the Victorian Era...as seen on the right.

It endured through the 40's and 50's, and today is a highly collectible antique. 

Being a Collector of Needlework, I have often admired this Vintage Crocheted Pincushion for a number of reasons:
1  It's Victorian
2  It's Crocheted with a TinyHook and ThinThread
3  It's useful as a Pincushion

How did they do that Ribbon?  It has been a MYSTERY to me.....until now......sorta!  I'll get back to that in a few...

As I mentioned in the Post Below, I found the pattern for the Pineapple Heart  and showed my first attempt with the TinyHook and Thin Thread.  Getting through the first one was a study in concentration on Triple Crocheted Shells and Chain 8s!  Then the pattern wanted me to MAKE TWO just alike.
That didn't happen.

That's right!!! I SuRuled the pattern!

~Crocheted ONE Pineapple.
~Sewed the Heart shaped Lining with a 21st Century 'Vogue' fabric.
~ Hand sewed the crocheted pineapple to the stuffed heart.
~Hand sewed the lace and ribbon around the heart back.  The back must look pretty, too!  Even tho I said I wasn't gonna turn it over.
~Rather than Satin Ribbon that was used in the 19th and 20th Centuries, I selected a Modern PolkaDot Grossgrain Ribbon.

How'd they do that RIBBON weave Thingy?

Well, it ain't easy!  I read and re-read the instructions!  I tried and re-tried and re-tried! 
Finally, I turned the heart from working on the outside edge to working the ribbon from the inside!
There YaGo SKW!  You are a 'Backwards Doer'!
The first time was a pure accident...then it was "How'd I do that"?
One of the SuRules is that it must be useful!  Well, could you Stick this Beautiful Heart full of sewing and quilting pins?  Nope, not gonna happen!  So, I will use it to display another kind of PIN!  

The 'Grape Cluster' Brooch belonged to my Dear Mother-In-Law Ruth.  I wear it on special occasions like the birth of Her Great-Grandson!

Am I going to be 'OverDoSue' on Crocheted Pineapple Hearts? 
Yep!  So far there's a PINK one DONE and several others as WIP's.
 And of course I now have all the TinyHooks and ThinThreads known to 21st Century Victorian WannaBee's.
If you WannaBe with me, HERE's the pattern I found for FREE . 


  1. Wow! Your polka dot ribbon is perfect. You are a smarty! xoxo

  2. Love it Sue! And yes, you are a smarty (not pants though ;-).

  3. I knew "you could do it"! YOU can do anything! Very pretty SuperSis!

  4. That turned out beautiful!!! But then, in your hands, knew it would. LS

  5. That is amazing. Ive never seen anything like that - I really like to crochet but wow - that look like some pretty intense crochet :)


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